6 Things Newbury Park Is Known For

NEWBURY PARK might often get overlooked for its bigger twin brother to the east, but in this article, our Newbury Park limousine and Thousand Oaks party bus office will give the small town of Newbury Park some well-deserved limo attention. This small town in the western parts of the Conejo Valley might be mostly annexed by Thousand Oaks by now, but despite the fact that the Conejo Valley has more or less become one for administrative purposes, Newbury Park (just as Westlake Village) remains its own community with its own unique feel.

An intro to Newbury

Here you can find more rustic homes than anywhere in Conejo Valley, more trails, more horseback-riding opportunities, and generally a more laid-back feel than most places in Southern California. With barely 40,000 residents, Newbury Park remains a small town, with a small town feel emphasized by the mountains surrounding the town to the west, south, and north.

The area has been inhabited for thousands of years by the Chumash Native Americans and is known not just for its ancient history, but for a variety of reasons. Clients of limo services told us for example how Newbury Park is home to America’s biggest urban national park! And that it is home to the world’s largest biotechnology company. Did you know that movies such as We Bought a Zoo (2011), Bedtime Stories (2008) and It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World (1963) were filmed here?

With its unique position between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, you can enjoy a quiet day at home and head on a short Thousand Oaks party bus or limo ride to Hollywood for the night. It’s also perfectly situated for wine-tasting tours, with just a short limo ride for Malibu wine tours in the Malibu Canyons or a little longer for the great vineyards of Santa Ynez. Let our Newbury Park limousine services present 6 things one of America’s wealthiest and safest communities is known for!

7. Great Outdoors

Besides the largest urban national park lands in the United States (see #5), there are many more great places to experience nature in Newbury Park. There are for example hiking trails connecting to Thousand Oaks’ Wildwood Regional Park, where Newbury Park limousine riders can enjoy over seventeen miles of hiking trails. This park can be accessed from the Arroyo Trail in Rancho Conejo Playfields, where you can cross Hill Canyon and La Branca before climbing Mountclef Ridge in Santa Rosa County Park and accessing Wildwood proper.

Many order Newbury Park limousine vehicles to head to the Dos Vientos, a neighborhood in western Newbury Park known of its many celebrities and luxury homes. The Dos Vientos Open Space can be accessed from Dos Vientos Community Park by following the Park View Trail. When the Park View Trail stops at Via Ricardo, one can either cross the road and hike to the top of Conejo Mountain (Powerline/Edison Trail) or follow Via Ricardo to the left for 0.1 miles before entering the Vista Del Mar Trailhead. You can alternatively ask limo services to drop you off by the trailhead, but there are no parking spaces here. This is where we’ve had Thousand Oaks party bus and limo clients coming to check out Twin Ponds and the great views of Conejo Valley and Oxnard Plains.

Another popular hike is the Rosewood Trail in Ventu Park Open Space leading to the top of Angel Vista, a mountain peak in the Santa Monica Mountains. Other great hikes can be found in the Potrero Ridge Open Space, Deer Ridge Open Space and many more places. There are also hikes crossing the Santa Monica’s and going all the way to the Mugu Lagoon by the Pacific Ocean. Up in the Santa Monicas there are many Chumash artifacts and cave paintings. For example on the property of Malibu Family Wines, a popular Malibu wine tours destination. As our limo services have served the community for over twenty years, trust the expertise of our limo services for a great outing in the Conejo Valley!

6. 4th Safest American City

Few places in America are safer than Newbury Park. The entire Thousand Oaks was rated America’s 4th safest city by the FBI in 2013, which makes it the safest city in California. Furthermore, the research company Niche, rated Thousand Oaks as America’s second-safest city in 2016. The homicide rate here is less than a sixth of the national average and it usually goes years between a murder taking place in Newbury Park.

While crime has been increasing in the Greater Los Angeles Area, the Greater Thousand Oaks Area remains amongst the safest places in the United States. Our annual ratings by the FBI are something our Newbury Park limousine and Thousand Oaks party bus services take great pride in! What’s better than running limo services in the home of America’s safest communities?

Panorama of Newbury Park, taken by our local limo services

5. America’s Largest Urban National Park

928 acres of the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area (SMMNRA) is located within southern Newbury Park and is recognized as the largest urban national park in the United States. Here Thousand Oaks party bus and Newbury Park limousine clients come to experience the great outdoors. The limo services take people for example to the Rocking K Horse Rentals to rent a horse and go horseback riding in the mountains!

Rated the top thing to do in Newbury Park by TripAdvisor, going on the Big Sycamore Canyon hike which cuts through the Santa Monica Mountains on its way to Point Mugu by the Pacific Ocean is another favorite. Also located in the Santa Monicas are a variety of great wine-tasting venues where customers head out on Malibu wine tours with a limo to wine-tasting rooms at SIP Malibu Grapes, Cornell Winery, Malibu Family Wines, and elsewhere. While visiting the area, don’t forget to go by the ancient Native American village Satwiwa, which has been inhabited for thousands of years (see #4).

Sunset in the Santa Monica Mountains

4. Native-American History

Believe it or not, Newbury Park has thousands of years old history! Having been inhabited by the Paleo peoples and later the Chumash Indians, Native Americans have a long history in the Conejo Valley. Drawn by its abundance of walnuts, berries, and other food sources, Conejo Valley was home to hundreds of Chumash Native Americans living in four different villages in today’s Newbury Park. Historians and anthropologists have also found evidence of mammoth hunting in the area, and mammoth bones are for display to the public at the Stagecoach Inn Museum.

The Santa Monica Mountains in southern Newbury Park have been home to hundreds of Native Americans and there are over thousand archeology sites in the mountains. It has been thousands of artifacts and petroglyphs discovered here, making the Santa Monica’s one of the largest densities of archeological finds in the world. Further up in the Santa Monicas is where we find Malibu Family Wines, where we often take people on Malibu wine tours and see the Chumash petroglyphs on their property!

Newbury Park limousine– and Thousand Oaks party bus clients who want to experience the local ancient-old history can get party bus services or a limo and visit the Satwiwa Native American Indian Culture Center in southern Newbury Park, an area located by Boney Peak in the Santa Monica’s, which is a holy mountain to the Chumash Indians. When then-president George W. Bush visited Newbury Park in 2003, he flew a helicopter to Satwiwa from Newbury Park High School.

A Chumash flute player at Satwiwa

3. World’s Largest Biotech Company

Amgen is located here and is not just the biggest employer in the Thousand Oaks area, often serviced by sedan- and limo services. Amgen is also the world’s largest biotechnology company! Amgen is also an annual stop for the Amgen Tour of California, one of America’s most important bicycle races. We often transfer spectators with our Thousand Oaks party bus services and limo in Newbury Park for clientele who wants to see the race from the start line. We had for example a Newbury Park limousine going here on May 17th, 2016, to see the beginning of stage three which took place in Thousand Oaks. Amgen has over 7,000 employees and have drawn scientists from throughout the world to the area. The company specializes in biochemistry and molecular biology and produces medications for the world market.


2. Movie Productions

Taking its size into consideration, few places at its size have produced more movies and TV series than Newbury Park! A popular event for Thousand Oaks party bus- and limo services is to visit the famous locales where clients’ favorite movies were filmed. Did you for example know that Mr. Nottingham’s mansion in Bedtime Stories (2008) is located at 2300 White Stallion Rd.? You may have thought the Rosemoor Animal Park in We Bought a Zoo (2011) seemed familiar. This movie was actually filmed at Greenfield Ranch in Hidden Valley! The airport scenes from It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World (1963) were filmed at the former Rancho Conejo Airport, while Commando (1985) was partially filmed in Hidden Valley.

Lassie Come Home (1943) was mostly filmed in Hidden Valley, while some scenes were shot in Wildwood Regional Park, immediately north of Newbury Park. Also partially filmed here was the movie It’s Complicated (2009). The home of Jane Adler (Meryl Streep) is located at 714 West Potrero Road in Hidden Valley and is a popular stop for cinematic limo tours! Many older Western-type films and TV series have been shot in Wildwood in nearby Thousand Oaks. Some include the Grapes of Wrath (1940), Bonanza (1959-1973), The Rifleman (1958-1963), The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (1962), Shenandoah (1965), The Plainsman (1966), Wuthering Heights (1939), Man of the West (1958) and many, many more.

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Lassie Come Home (1943) was filmed here

1. 4th Richest Place In America

With a median household income of over $107,000, Money Magazine ranked Newbury Park as having America’s 4th highest median household income as of 2013. As far as per capita, the town has the 11th highest income in the United States. The area remained for a long time a poorer community than adjacent Thousand Oaks but has in the latest years improved significantly. A negative to the growing household incomes might be the soaring home prices: the median house value here is $728,900, an average growth of two percent per year. The real estate prices here are in fact higher on average than 91.1 percent of U.S. cities. It may therefore be no surprise that CBS News ranked the Thousand Oaks-Newbury Park area as America’s 7th wealthiest area in 2013. But don’t fear, you don’t have to be a millionaire to order limo services or a party bus in Thousand Oaks – we offer a lowest-price guarantee on a party bus and limo services, guaranteeing you the lowest rates for rentals in the Conejo Valley.

Whether you’re looking for a Newbury Park limo service or Thousand Oaks party bus services to party it up in the Conejo Valley, or for a ride down to LA or Hollywood, let our limo services help you! We are proud to offer the largest fleet of luxury vehicles in Southern California. We have offices in various cities throughout California, including our services’ headquarters in Thousand Oaks and minor offices in Simi Valley, Ventura, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and Palm Springs. Besides party bus nights out, wedding services, and LAX sedan service, we also specialize in wine tours in Malibu, Santa Barbara, and Temecula Valley. So whether for a night of clubbing, Malibu wine tours, prom transportation, a ride to Vegas, or any other need for transfers, contact our limo company today!

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