7 Best Things To Do in Newbury Park, CA!

Blackhawk Limousine has provided Newbury Park and the larger Conejo Valley with limo service close to twenty years. Although most local clients book their limousines and party buses to head out of town, for example to LAX or Hollywood nightclubs, many decide to head out in Newbury Park. This lovely community of less than 45,000 residents may be mostly known as a bedroom community for commuters, but booking wine-tasting tours and limo rentals in the Conejo Valley is increasingly popular. Hang on as we present the “7 Best Things To Do in Newbury Park”!

7. Climb the Santa Monica’s

Hiking trail in Santa Monica Mountains
Hiking trail in Santa Monica Mountains
Maybe the most accessible peak in the Santa Monica Mountains is Angel Vista, which can be reached from the Rosewood Trail. While the trailhead is located by Barranca Rd and Kathleen Dr, many hikers park at Stagecoach Inn across Lynn Road. There are also various hiking trails by Rancho Sierra Vista, for instance trails leading to Sycamore Canyon Falls and Boney Mountain. The top rated activity in town according to TripAdvisor is the Big Sycamore Canyon hike, which crosses the Santa Monica Mountains and goes all the way to the ocean. Wine tours by limos are common to destinations throughout the Santa Monica’s, including Malibu Family Wines, SIP Malibu Grapes and Cornell Winery.

6. Explore Native-American History

Satwiwa Native American Indian Culture Center is an ideal place to learn about the valley’s indigenous people. Situated on national park lands by Boney Peak, the Chumash Indians regard Satwiwa as a holy site which has been populated for over 10,000 years. Besides artifacts and hiking trails, you can also see the traditional Chumash houses, known as ‘ap. There’s also a Native-American display at the Stagecoach Inn, and the re-constructed Chumash village at Chumash Indian Museum in nearby Thousand Oaks is a must.

5. Go For A Drink

Newbury Park limo service
Brendan’s Irish Pub
Ranked the best bar in town, many locals get their limos for a night at Brendan’s Irish Pub. Located at Palm Garden Hotel, this sports bar is also a full restaurant and has the town’s only dance floor. There’s also a gaming room with pool tables and more. Besides beer and cocktails, Brendan’s offers 200+ types of whiskey from various countries. Brendan’s is a popular stopover for beer crawls with party buses.

4. Bob Hope’s Gift To Town

Few locals know that Bob Hope once owned the 2,300+ acre Jordan Ranch. Even fewer may know that he gave the community a nature preserve! Named after Bob Hope, Hope Nature Preserve is situated in southern Newbury Park and can be reached from Lynn Oaks Park. Alternatively, the preserve can also be accessed by following the Los Robles Trail from Westlake Village or Thousand Oaks.

3. Fifteen Acres of Wetlands

Party bus in Thousand Oaks
Party bus interior
Backing up to the Mountclef Ridge, Hill Canyon Wetlands is a place few people know of. Situated by The Barranca, Hill Canyon can be reached from the Arroyo Conejo Trail from Rancho Conejo Playfields. Besides Hill Canyon, this trail also follows the creek to Wildwood Park in Thousand Oaks. Additional wetlands can be found by Twin Ponds in Dos Vientos.

2. Horseback-Riding in the Santa Monica Mountains

Rocking K Horse Rentals on Lynn Road offers a truly unique Newbury Park experience. Here you can rent a horse and venture out in the backcountry of the Santa Monica Mountains! Although not the most popular limo destination, we’ve had limousines heading here for birthday celebrations and dates.

1. Epic Golf-Karting

Limousine in Newbury Park
Palm Garden Hotel
In northernmost Newbury Park is where we find MB2 Raceway, the top rated activity in town according to Yelp reviews. The 60,000 sq. ft. facility is located in a relatively remote part of town, close by Amgen. Popular for kids and adults alike, MB2 Raceway is located at 1475 Lawrence Dr. Many birthday parties and other social gatherings take place here. Besides go-karting, you can try out their pool tables and arcade gaming. Bring your friends along for a limo & go-kart outing!

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Blackhawk Limousine has offered Newbury Park limos for decades and is a trusted choice for transportation in and around Conejo Valley. Whether you’re in need for an LAX limo, a party bus rental or wine tours. Need a limousine to a corporate function at Amgen? How about a limo service for an unforgettable night out? Or simply an SUV or sedan for your ride to LAX? We can take you there with style and luxury!

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6 Best Things To Do in Carpinteria! | Blackhawk Limousine & Party Bus

The oceanside city of Carpinteria is a hidden gem of the California Coast, located few miles south of Santa Barbara. Blackhawk Limousine has chauffeured clientele in Carpinteria and nearby communities of Summerland, Montecito and Santa Barbara for 20 years. As a top rated local provider of limo services and party bus rentals, let Blackhawk Limousine present our “Top 6 Best Things To Do in Carpinteria, California”! Besides traditional limos and party buses, we are also an award-winner when it comes to Santa Ynez- and Santa Barbara wine-tasting tours.

1. Camping By Waves

Santa Barbara seen from Stearns WharfPeople book limousines to the beach for a number of reasons. But some beaches are more popular than others, and Carpinteria State Beach is one of those. Rated the best thing to do in Carpinteria by both TripAdvisor- and Yelp users, this beach offers everything from camping, swimming, surfing, wildlife watching, and more. We had several clients booking limo tours here to get their wedding pictures taken, and many times our limousines have headed here with people going tent-camping on the beach. It may be to no one’s surprise that Charlie Chaplin chose Carpinteria as his place to get married.

2. Bluffs Nature Preserve

A natural treasure beloved by even the great late Theodore Roosevelt, the Bluffs Nature Preserve on Bailard Ave. is a must to visit, by limousines or not. This 50+ acre preserve is one of the few of its kind, providing an important habitat for native wildlife. Besides the Channel Islands and Carpinteria Valley, you will also get beautiful views of the Santa Barbara wine country. Come here to see wildlife, hangout by the ocean, enjoy the gorgeous views and go on a hike in the breathtaking landscape.

3. Wine-Tasting Tours

Despite what many may believe, there are great options for wine tours by limo or party bus in the Carpinteria area. The Apiary on Carpinteria Avenue is a popular choice, while many venture up to nearby Summerland for wine-tastings at the Summerland Winery on Lillie Avenue. Even more popular are wine-tasting tours to the vineyards of Santa Ynez- and Santa Maria Valleys.

4. Salt Marsh Tours

Ever went a tour to a salt marsh? This over 200 acre wetland is one of its largest in California. Over two hundred species of animals have been recorded here. For your best chances of seeing wildlife, sign up for a docent-led tour of the wetlands!

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5. Seaside Trolley

The inside of a party bus
Inside a party bus in Santa Barbara
A seaside trolley ride for fifty cents may sound too good to be real, but a trending destination for Santa Barbara limousine services have been to the trolley stops of MTD Seaside Shuttle on Linden Ave. The trolleys every 15 minutes on Saturdays and Sundays, between 8am and 6pm, from trolley stops along Linden Ave. Weekdays they run every 30 minutes, but starting at 6am. Jump on the trolley for tours of town, jump off in Downtown for a meal or at the before-mentioned Salt Marsh to see the wildlife! Many bring their children along and get off at El Carro playground for a bbq or picnic.

6. Town Market

The local farmer’s market in the 800 block of Linden is open on Thursdays between 3 and 6pm. Come here for fresh fruit, vegetables, flowers, and more. Other nearby markets include the Montecito Market and Old Town Santa Barbara Market, two other popular destinations for party bus- and limo customers.

Whether for wine-tasting, limousines to the beach, limo for dinner or party bus for night on town, trust Blackhawk Limousine to get you there in style. Besides Carpinteria limos, we also serve neighboring Montecito, Santa Barbara and Summerland with our limo services 24/7, 365 days per week.

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6 Things Newbury Park Is Known For

NEWBURY PARK might often get overlooked for its bigger twin-brother to the east, but in this article our Newbury Park limousine and Thousand Oaks party bus office will give the small town of Newbury Park some well-deserved limo attention. This small town in the western parts of the Conejo Valley might be mostly annexed by Thousand Oaks by now, but despite the fact that the Conejo Valley has more or less become one for administrative purposes, Newbury Park (just as Westlake Village) remains its own community with its own unique feel. Here you can find more rustic homes than anywhere in Conejo Valley, more trails, more horseback-riding opportunities and generally a more laid-back feel than most places in Southern California. With barely 40,000 residents, Newbury Park remains a small town, with a small town feel emphasized by the mountains surrounding the town to the west, south and north.

The area has been inhabited for thousands of years by the Chumash Native-Americans and is known not just for its ancient history, but for a variety of reasons. Clients of limo services told us for example how Newbury Park is home to America’s biggest urban national park! And that it is home to the world’s largest biotechnology company. Did you know that movies such as We Bought a Zoo (2011), Bedtime Stories (2008) and It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World (1963) were filmed here? With its unique position between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, you can enjoy a quiet day at home and head in a short Thousand Oaks party bus or limo ride to Hollywood for the night. It’s also perfectly situated for wine-tasting tours, with just a short limo ride for Malibu wine tours in the Malibu Canyons or a little longer for the great vineyards of Santa Ynez. Let our Newbury Park limousine services present 6 things one of America’s wealthiest and safest communities is known for!

7. Great Outdoors

Besides the largest urban national park lands in the United States (see #5), there are many more great places to experience nature in Newbury Park. There are for example hiking trails connecting to Thousand Oaks’ Wildwood Regional Park, where Newbury Park limousine riders can enjoy over seventeen miles of hiking trails. This park can be accessed from the Arroyo Trail in Rancho Conejo Playfields, where you can cross Hill Canyon and La Branca before climbing the Mountclef Ridge in Santa Rosa County Park and access Wildwood proper. Many order Newbury Park limousine vehicles to head to the Dos Vientos, a neighborhood in western Newbury Park known of its many celebrities and luxury homes. The Dos Vientos Open Space can be accessed from Dos Vientos Community Park by following the Park View Trail. When the Park View Trail stops at Via Ricardo, one can either cross the road and hike to the top of Conejo Mountain (Powerline/Edison Trail), or follow Via Ricardo to the to the left for 0.1 mile before entering the Vista Del Mar Trailhead. You can alternatively ask limo services to drop you off by the trailhead, but there are no parking spaces here. This is where we’ve had Thousand Oaks party bus and limo clients coming to check out Twin Ponds and the great views of Conejo Valley and Oxnard Plains. Another popular hike is the Rosewood Trail in Ventu Park Open Space leading to the top of Angel Vista, a mountain peak in the Santa Monica Mountains. Other great hikes can be found in the Potrero Ridge Open Space, Deer Ridge Open Space and many more places. There are also hikes crossing the Santa Monica’s and going all the way to the Mugu Lagoon by the Pacific Ocean. Up in the Santa Monica’s there are many Chumash artifacts and cave paintings. For example on the property of Malibu Family Wines, a popular Malibu wine tours destination. As our limo services have served the community for over twenty years, trust the expertise of our limo services for a great outing in the Conejo Valley!

6. 4th Safest American City

Few places in America are safer than Newbury Park. The entire Thousand Oaks was rated America’s 4th safest city by the FBI in 2013, which makes it the safest city in California. Furthermore, the research company Niche, rated Thousand Oaks as America’s second-safest city in 2016. The homicide rate here is less than a sixth of the national average and it usually goes years between a murder taking place in Newbury Park. While crime has been increasing in the Greater Los Angeles Area, the Greater Thousand Oaks Area remains amongst the safest places in the United States. Our annual ratings by the FBI is something our Newbury Park limousine and Thousand Oaks party bus services take great pride in! What’s better than running limo services in home of America’s safest communities?

Panorama of Newbury Park, taken by our local limo services

5. America’s Largest Urban National Park

928 acres of the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area (SMMNRA) is located within southern Newbury Park and is recognized as the largest urban national park in the United States. Here Thousand Oaks party bus and Newbury Park limousine clients come to experience the great outdoors. The limo services take people for example to the Rocking K Horse Rentals to rent a horse and go horseback-riding in the mountains! Rated the top thing to do in Newbury Park by TripAdvisor, going on the Big Sycamore Canyon hike which cuts through the Santa Monica Mountains on its way to Point Mugu by the Pacific Ocean is another favorite. Also located in the Santa Monica’s are a variety of great wine-tasting venues where customers head out on Malibu wine tours with a limo to wine-tasting rooms at SIP Malibu Grapes, Cornell Winery, Malibu Family Wines and elsewhere. While visiting the area, don’t forget to go by the ancient Native-American village Satwiwa, which has been inhabited for thousands of years (see #4).

Sunset in the Santa Monica Mountains
4. Native-American History

Believe it or not, but Newbury Park has a thousands of years old history! Having been inhabited by the Paleo peoples and later the Chumash Indians, Native-Americans have a long history in the Conejo Valley. Drawn by its abundance of walnuts, berries and other food sources, Conejo Valley was home to hundreds of Chumash Native-Americans living in four different villages in today’s Newbury Park. Historians and anthropologists have also found evidence of mammoth hunting in the area, and mammoth bones are for display to the public at the Stagecoach Inn Museum. The Santa Monica Mountains in southern Newbury Park have been home to hundreds of Native-Americans and there are over thousand archeology sites in the mountains. It has been thousands of artifacts and petroglyphs discovered here, making the Santa Monica’s one of the largest densities of archeological finds in the world. Further up in the Santa Monica’s is where we find Malibu Family Wines, where we often take people on Malibu wine tours and to see the Chumash petroglyphs on their property! Newbury Park limousine- and Thousand Oaks party bus clients who want to experience the local ancient-old history can get party bus services or a limo and visit the Satwiwa Native American Indian Culture Center in southern Newbury Park, an area located by Boney Peak in the Santa Monica’s, which is a holy mountain to the Chumash Indians. When then-president George W. Bush visited Newbury Park in 2003, he flew a helicopter to Satwiwa from Newbury Park High School.

A Chumash flute player at Satwiwa

3. World’s Largest Biotech Company

Amgen is located here and is not just the biggest employer in the Thousand Oaks area, often serviced by sedan- and limo services. Amgen is also the world’s largest biotechnology company! Amgen is also an annual stop for the Amgen Tour of California, one of America’s most important bicycle races. We often transfer spectators with our Thousand Oaks party bus services and limo in Newbury Park for clientele who wants to see the race from the start line. We had for example a Newbury Park limousine going here on May 17th, 2016, to see the beginning of stage three which took place in Thousand Oaks. Amgen has over 7,000 employees and have drawn scientists from throughout the world to the area. The company specializes in biochemistry and molecular biology, and produces medications to the world market.


2. Movie Productions

Taken its size into consideration, few places at its size have produced more movies and TV-series than Newbury Park! A popular event for Thousand Oaks party bus- and limo services is to visit the famous locales where clients’ favorite movies were filmed. Did you for example know that Mr. Nottingham’s mansion in Bedtime Stories (2008) is located at 2300 White Stallion Rd.? You may have thought the Rosemoor Animal Park in We Bought a Zoo (2011) seemed familiar. This movie was actually filmed at Greenfield Ranch in Hidden Valley! The airport scenes from It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World (1963) was filmed at the former Rancho Conejo Airport, while Commando (1985) was partially filmed in Hidden Valley. Lassie Come Home (1943) was mostly filmed in Hidden Valley, while some scenes were shot in Wildwood Regional Park, immediately north of Newbury Park. Also partially filmed here was the movie It’s Complicated (2009). The home of Jane Adler (Meryl Streep) is located at 714 West Potrero Road in Hidden Valley and is a popular stop for cinematic limo tours! Many older Western-type films and TV-series have been shot in Wildwood in nearby Thousand Oaks. Some include the Grapes of Wrath (1940), Bonanza (1959-1973), The Rifleman (1958-1963), The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (1962), Shenandoah (1965), The Plainsman (1966), Wuthering Heights (1939), Man of the West (1958) and many, many more.

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Lassie Come Home (1943) was filmed here
1. 4th Richest Place In America

With a median household income of over $107,000, Money Magazine ranked Newbury Park as having America’s 4th highest median household income as of 2013. As far as per-capita, the town has the 11th highest income in the United States. The area remained for a long time a poorer community than adjacent Thousand Oaks, but has in the latest years improved significantly. A negative to the growing household incomes might be the soaring home prices: the median house value here is $728,900, an average growth of two percent per year. The real estate prices here are in fact higher on average than 91.1 percent of U.S. cities. It may therefore be to no surprise that CBS News ranked the Thousand Oaks-Newbury Park area as America’s 7th wealthiest area in 2013. But don’t fear, you don’t have to be a millionaire to order limo services or party bus in Thousand Oaks – we offer a lowest-price guarantee on party bus and limo services, guaranteeing you the lowest rates for rentals in the Conejo Valley.

Whether you’re looking for a Newbury Park limo service or Thousand Oaks party bus services to party it up in the Conejo Valley, or for a ride down to LA or Hollywood, let our limo services help you! We are proud to offer the largest fleet of luxury vehicles in Southern California. We have offices in various cities throughout California, including our services’ headquarters in Thousand Oaks and minor offices in Simi Valley, Ventura, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara and Palm Springs. Besides party bus nights out, wedding services and LAX sedan service, we also specialize in wine tours Malibu, Santa Barbara and Temecula Valley. So whether for a night of clubbing, Malibu wine tours, prom transportation, a ride to Vegas or any other need for transfers, contact our limo company today!

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5 Best Malibu Tours: Boat Tours, Safari, Celebrity Homes, & More!

From wine-touring, parachute jumping and whale-watching tours, Malibu has lots to offer visitors and locals! Our local limousine services we have served the community for over twenty years and is proud to be the largest and top rated Malibu limo service. Whether you’re looking for a limo ride to a hotel, restaurant, the Adamson House, Getty Villa or maybe one of the many great beaches, we can take you there! Besides wine-tasting tours and regular transportation, we also specialize in LAX airport transfers, wedding services, nightly party bus rentals, corporate travels and more. Without further due, here are our “Top 6 Malibu Tours”!

6. Movie tours

A recent trend has been to book a party bus or Malibu limo service for a tour of movie locations and celebrity homes in Malibu. Over a thousand movies and television series were shot here. Just a few examples include the house in Hannah Montana (2006-2011), located at 30760 Broad Beach Road, while the house in Two and a Half Men (2003-2015) can be seen at Malibu Colony Rd. Westward Beach is featured in the ending scenes of Gangster Squad (2013), while Harper’s home in Friends with Benefits (2011) is located at 22416 PCH. Malibu can also be seen in films such as The Big Lebowski (1998), Furious 7 (2015), Iron Man (2008), The Karate Kid (1984), Iron Man 3 (2013), Grease (1978), Terminator 2 (1991), Cast Away (2000) and The Fast and the Furious (2001). Hundreds of movies have been filmed at the Century Ranch, a former movie ranch now known as Malibu Creek State Park. Although this movie ranch was sold to the government for $5 million in the 1970’s, people still go on cinematic tours here with limousine services. Some of the classic movies filmed here include Planet of the Apes (1968), Doctor Dolittle (1967), The Battle for the Planet of the Apes (1973), Love Me Tender (1956) starring Elvis Presley, Tarzan Escapes (1936) and Tarzan Triumphs (1943). Also newer movies have been made here. More recent movies featuring Malibu Creek State Park are Halloween H20: 20 Years Later (1998), Helter Skelter (2004), Without Warning (1980), Infection (2005) and many others. TV-series filmed here include M*A*S*H (1972-1983), The Rifleman (1958-1963), and others. As many movies have been filmed at various Malibu wineries, you can also reserve wine-tasting tours combined with famous movie sites.

Cornell is a wine-tasting venue featured in The X-Files (2000) and Barnaby Jones (1976).

5. Celebrity homes

Tours of celebrity homes have become particularly popular for limousine services in recent years. So often tourists and locals alike rent limousines from our Malibu limo service to go check out the homes of their biggest stars. Just some of the celebrities residing here are Lana Del Rey, Angelina Jolie, Miley Cyrus, Mel Gibson, Whoopi Goldberg, Barbara Streisand and numerous others. The tours offered by Starline Tours will show you more than forty homes of the rich and famous, but will also stop by various famous filming locations. Starline Tours will show you the homes of Cher, Leonardo DiCapro, Bruce Willis, Ozzy Osbourne, Adam Sandler and many others. Some of the movie locations they’ll point out are famous spots from Iron Man, Baywatch, Planet of the Apes and many others. Some of their tours will also make a stop by some of the area’s most visited tourist destinations, including Paramount Ranch, Point Dume, Malibou Lake and the Adamson House.

4. Paragliding

What could possibly be better than paragliding over the Malibu Coast!? Taking off from the mountain tops above Malibu, this is your chance of seeing Malibu and its “27 miles of scenic beauty” like never before. Enjoy views from soaring above the city as far up as 5,000 feet with Malibu Paragliding. $200 for a 30 minute flight might be expensive, but is guaranteed to give an experience you won’t forget!


3. Safari tours

One of the truly few places in the world to offer wine-safari-tours are located right here in Malibu. As the Malibu Wine Safari is also owned and operated by Malibu Family Wines, it makes for a great combo with wine-tasting tours! Situated in the Malibu Canyons, surrounded by beautiful vineyards, this safari makes for a great getaway with gorgeous surroundings. Here you can find animals such as alpacas, giraffes, zebras, water buffalos, yaks, llamas, turtles and more. Located at the Saddlerock Ranch’ 1,000 acre vineyard, you can witness animals, vineyards and even thousands of year old Chumash Indian pictographs on a unique safari tour. Visit their websites to learn more about the various tours they offer, including their explorer tours, family tours, mimosa tours, vinter tours and more. Remember to ask about their own movie-star giraffe – featured in Hangover III! When renting a Malibu limousine service to this location, you may also ask about their famous movie ranch, which is featured in a variety of movies!


2. Ocean adventures

With its 27 miles of scenic beauty, there are many ocean adventures to be explored in Malibu. Whether you’re into deep sea fishing, scuba diving, paddle boarding or whale-watching, there is a Malibu ocean tour for you. Prefer your own yacht rental? Check out Luxury Liners! How about something smaller, maybe a kayak? The Malibu Surf Shack should have something for you. For tours of the ocean, Malibu Coastal Adventures have many options. Not only do they offer tours to the Channel Islands, but among their most popular rides are also the dolphin- and whale-watching cruises departing from the Malibu Pier. Malibu Coastal Adventures also offer scheduled boat rides for sports fishing and scuba diving. For the best Malibu beaches, trust our limousine services for your transportation! While maybe the Surfrider Beach, hence the name, could be best for surfing, minor beaches with less waves might do best for swimming. Our top beaches for swimming would therefore be the smaller Robert H. Meyer Memorial State Beaches: El Matador-, El Pescador- and La Piedra State Beaches. Order a Malibu limo service to visit the beach might be most popular for tourists, but we’ve also had locals ordering party bus services to the beaches here. Although not in Malibu, wine-tasting tours in yachts on the ocean is offered by a variety of Santa Barbara boat services. For a wine-tasting tour at sea, check out Sunset Kidd or Santa Barbara Sailing Center.


1. Wine-tasting tours

With over fifty wineries spread throughout the Malibu Canyons, Malibu has a blooming wine-industry with several options for sipping wine. The three most popular ones are Rosenthal Wine Bar & Patio, Malibu Family Wines and Cornell Winery & Tasting Room. These are three unique wineries with their own specialities and beauty, but are the three most popular tasting rooms for our limo- and party bus clientele. At Rosenthal Wine Bar & Patio you can enjoy great Malibu-grown wines in the most Californian atmosphere – just across the PCH from the Pacific Ocean. Besides sipping great wines, there are often great live entertainment here such as live music on Friday nights. Occasionally there’s also food trucks available on the location serving great tacos, burritos and more. At Cornell Winery & Tasting Room, located high above in the Santa Monica Mountains, there are no need for food trucks. This tasting room is located right next door to The Old Place Restaurant, which makes for a great dinner experience before or after wine-sipping. This rustic winery is located in an old Western-themed building, perfect for those with an interest for wine and history. Last but not least, Malibu Family Wines is nestled in its own canyon in the Santa Monica’s and offer a truly unique tasting experience. Here you can often experience live entertainment such as music nights, standup comedy, outdoor movie screenings and more. Besides the occasional food truck, ask your Malibu limo service to drive by the nearby Malibu Café for a great outdoor dinner by the creek. Other Malibu tasting rooms include SIP Malibu Grapes, Rocky Oaks Estates and the Cielo Wineyards, but keep in mind that some of these are only open to private tours that must be scheduled beforehand. Contact our party bus- or limousine services and we can schedule vineyard tours here for you.

Enjoy entertainment while tasting wine at Malibu Family Wines.

Learn More About Exclusive Wine-Tours!

Whether for airport transfers to LAX, Malibu wine-tasting tours, transportation for your wedding, party bus services, or for any other place and occasion, contact us for the most luxurious limo rides in the Malibu area. We are particularly proud of our price-match-guarantee, which guarantees you the most affordable rates while still traveling in luxury. With minor offices spread throughout region, we are not just a provider of Malibu limo service, but we serve all of Southern California. Our limousine services have the largest fleet of vehicles in the Greater LA Area. Contact us today for a memorable day at toll-free number (866) 319-LIMO.

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What You Didn’t Know About State Street

Santa Barbara’s main street, State Street, has been an incredibly popular destination for clientele for years. Founded in 1850, State Street became early on a famous landmark not only for the city itself, but for the entire West Coast. In fact, this particular street was for long the biggest continuos paving on the West Coast! The street cuts through the downtown and is connected to Highway 101 in the north, while the famous pier is an extension of its southern end. People have for decades booked luxury transportation from us to State Street to stroll the beautiful street with its many restaurants, shops, art displays and museums. Its a fairly walking-friendly street, but the city also has its own waterfront shuttle that runs up and down State Street every day. Being the primary commercial street in town, this gorgeous boulevard also offers some exceptional shopping opportunities. Here you will discover all types of major retailers, such as Abercrombie & Fitch, American Apparel, Apple, H&M, Macy’s, Old Navy, Radio Shack, Urban Outfitters, Volcom, Vans, and numerous other famous retail shops and minor neighborhood stores.

When traveling with us at Blackhawk Limousines you can rest assure that your trip – no matter the destination – will be a memorable experience for years to come. Besides servicing all of S.B. County, we are also proud to offer our services throughout all of Ventura- and L.A. Counties as well. So if you for example are looking for a Carpinteria-, Ventura-, Camarillo limo, or maybe a Westlake party bus, we will be able to accommodate all of your preferences and requirements for a fabulous and luxurious transporting experience. For many of our clients hiring from our Santa Barbara limousine service, the main goal is to check the great art scene found on State Street and surrounding areas on the American Riviera. Famous for its 19th century Spanish colonial buildings and adobes, the town also boasts plentiful of cultural and art-related venues, galleries and museums. The highlight for many is its famous Mission, which is the Golden State’s only mission to have been in use since its establishment in the 1770’s. Nearly just as popular is the world-recognized Museum of Art, which offers work spanning more than 4000 years! The Granada Theatre on State St. is the tallest building in town, and is home to both the city’s symphony orchestra as well as the State Street Ballet. Besides all the great museums and galleries found here, many of our clients fall in love with the Arts and Crafts Show, which happens every Sunday on the boulevard. Art here includes everything from sculptures to paintings, and it is also recognized as the world’s oldest non-juried art festival!

With more than five million visitors per year, you can be sure that whatever you’re searching for, you’ll find it on State Street. This is also where we at Blackhawk transports dozens on a weekly basis to some of the world-class restaurants located here. Among the most popular restaurants we could mention Downey’s, which serves delicious seafood and French cuisine, and for sushi-lovers, we like to recommend Arigato Sushi. For Spanish food and drinks, head to the Good Lion for some great dining in an amazing atmosphere. Other restaurants worth checking out in the area include Toma Restaurant & Bar, Mony’s Mexican Food, Barbareno, Backyard Bowls, and Mesa Verde. For clientele booking from our Santa Barbara limousine service to experience the great nightlife found here, SB has a lot of great options to choose from! Check for example out Wine + Beer on Victoria St., Tonic Bar & Lounge, Whiskey Richards, or Dargan’s Irish Pub. For those into wine-tasting, some of the local tasting-venues include Cebada Wine, Jamie Slone Wines, Margerum Wine Tasting Room, and Pierre Lafond Wine Bistro. Besides luxury transportation, we are also proud of offering award-winning wine-tours throughout the region, for example to the Santa Maria- and Santa Ynez Valleys.

So whether you are searching for Hummer limos for your Carpinteria wedding, a Westlake party bus for bar-hopping with friends, or a Camarillo limo to the outlets, we’ve got you covered! With more than twenty years in the business, you can rest assure that no matter the event or Southern California destination, we can help you in planning and coordinating an exciting and luxurious experience. Contact us today for your free, immediate quote! We are open 24/7, every day of the year, with offices spread throughout the region in order to provide all our clients with nearby services of top quality.

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Blackhawk Limo | Santa Barbara Luxury Transportation

If you have been contemplating using a Santa Barbara limo service, you should consider our award-winning services. We have been around since 1997 and provide top-notch luxury vehicle transportation. We provide luxurious transportation for business or pleasure. We service all area airports and hotels everyday, and many of our business clients book our services for their recreational plans as well. There are so many reasons to consider our car service if you are planning going out or our party bus rentals for you big group events.

We know the city & it’s venues!

santa-barbara-limoOur drivers are very well trained and knowledgable as well as courteous and professional. They all know the area quite well and can get you to your venue on time. Our drivers know the area and are not dependent on GPS, so not only the direct routes, but can also find alternate ways to get there when traffic becomes an issue. We make it easy for you to find your location on time and no need to find parking once you get there. No mile-long hikes from the parking garage to the venue door! Our drivers will drop you off at the door and even open it for you! We drive, so no stress for you!

santa-barbara-car-serviceInstead of worrying about being on time or traffic, we give you the extra time to enjoy your company and friends. You can sit back, relax, and enjoy the luxury ride instead of watching for problems along the road. This allows you to get the maximum enjoyment during your time out with no stress of traffic or directions when you attend an event. With one of our professional drivers picking you up, you can avoid some of the hassles that come large crowds. Wine country is fun! Come with us on experience the vineyards for yourself on our exclusive Santa Ynez wine tour options!

We are in the gorgeous wine country all the time. Let a Santa Barbara limo take your party there! Unlike other services, our SB and limousine Montecito services can tailor your visit to the schedule you want to keep and the venues you want to visit. We take you on a private Santa Ynez wine tour so there is no worry about you driving. Enjoy your wines, friends, and your family. Leave the headaches to us! If you have a large group we can accommodate them in a party bus.

If you have been looking for a car service in the area, our Santa Barbara limo service has
everything you need! Check Us Out On Yelp & call us today

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