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The oceanside city of Carpinteria is a hidden gem of the California Coast, located few miles south of Santa Barbara. Blackhawk Limousine has chauffeured clientele in Carpinteria and nearby communities of Summerland, Montecito and Santa Barbara for 20 years. As a top rated local provider of limo services and party bus rentals, let Blackhawk Limousine present our “Top 6 Best Things To Do in Carpinteria, California”! Besides traditional limos and party buses, we are also an award-winner when it comes to Santa Ynez- and Santa Barbara wine-tasting tours.

1. Camping By Waves

Santa Barbara seen from Stearns WharfPeople book limousines to the beach for a number of reasons. But some beaches are more popular than others, and Carpinteria State Beach is one of those. Rated the best thing to do in Carpinteria by both TripAdvisor- and Yelp users, this beach offers everything from camping, swimming, surfing, wildlife watching, and more. We had several clients booking limo tours here to get their wedding pictures taken, and many times our limousines have headed here with people going tent-camping on the beach. It may be to no one’s surprise that Charlie Chaplin chose Carpinteria as his place to get married.

2. Bluffs Nature Preserve

A natural treasure beloved by even the great late Theodore Roosevelt, the Bluffs Nature Preserve on Bailard Ave. is a must to visit, by limousines or not. This 50+ acre preserve is one of the few of its kind, providing an important habitat for native wildlife. Besides the Channel Islands and Carpinteria Valley, you will also get beautiful views of the Santa Barbara wine country. Come here to see wildlife, hangout by the ocean, enjoy the gorgeous views and go on a hike in the breathtaking landscape.

3. Wine-Tasting Tours

Despite what many may believe, there are great options for wine tours by limo or party bus in the Carpinteria area. The Apiary on Carpinteria Avenue is a popular choice, while many venture up to nearby Summerland for wine-tastings at the Summerland Winery on Lillie Avenue. Even more popular are wine-tasting tours to the vineyards of Santa Ynez- and Santa Maria Valleys.

4. Salt Marsh Tours

Ever went a tour to a salt marsh? This over 200 acre wetland is one of its largest in California. Over two hundred species of animals have been recorded here. For your best chances of seeing wildlife, sign up for a docent-led tour of the wetlands!

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5. Seaside Trolley

The inside of a party bus
Inside a party bus in Santa Barbara
A seaside trolley ride for fifty cents may sound too good to be real, but a trending destination for Santa Barbara limousine services have been to the trolley stops of MTD Seaside Shuttle on Linden Ave. The trolleys every 15 minutes on Saturdays and Sundays, between 8am and 6pm, from trolley stops along Linden Ave. Weekdays they run every 30 minutes, but starting at 6am. Jump on the trolley for tours of town, jump off in Downtown for a meal or at the before-mentioned Salt Marsh to see the wildlife! Many bring their children along and get off at El Carro playground for a bbq or picnic.

6. Town Market

The local farmer’s market in the 800 block of Linden is open on Thursdays between 3 and 6pm. Come here for fresh fruit, vegetables, flowers, and more. Other nearby markets include the Montecito Market and Old Town Santa Barbara Market, two other popular destinations for party bus- and limo customers.

Whether for wine-tasting, limousines to the beach, limo for dinner or party bus for night on town, trust Blackhawk Limousine to get you there in style. Besides Carpinteria limos, we also serve neighboring Montecito, Santa Barbara and Summerland with our limo services 24/7, 365 days per week.

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Been To Tony’s Pizza?

Tony’s Pizzeria has been a downtown staple of Ventura for over 50 years! The modest “shack” sits on the corner at Figuerroa Street and Thompson Boulevard, right next to the fairgrounds. The position is a prime spot to catch paople as they come to and from the fairgrounds. This little spot has been a frequent stop for our Ventura Party Bus & Ventura Limo Service. Even our Santa Barbara limo drivers get asked all the time after a night out to swing by this little known spot for a slice of greasy heaven.

A whole pizza at Tony’s will set you back $11 and up. They have nine different toppings to choose from including all the “usuals” plus “anchovie”. They don’t offer bread sticks, salad, chicken, or any other items… They make PIZZA!

The owner, Barrios, passed away in 2013 is in his late eighties, but it still has the same exact feeling and history that he left behind. When you enter the 800-square foot pizzeria, you will see a wood framed photo of him next to the napkin dispensor and a autographed picture of Ronald Reagan. The black-and-white image is of Barios at age 20 in his uniform as a tech corporal. It was taken just months after he was injured in a land mine explosion in France, where three other soldiers were attempting to move a fatally wounded staff sargent that had tripped over a seperate land mine. Barios earned a Bronze Star and was always willing to share stories of his World War II experiences.

When Booking our Ventura limo service, Oxnard limo service, Camarillo limo service, or a Santa Barbara Limo, think about a quick stop by Tony’s! Now that his sons Johnny and Tony Jr. are routinely in the kitchen, carrying on the family traditon of making a great pizza-pie. If you blink when you drive by, you may miss it, but our drivers know right where it is! It may be hard to accomodate a Ventura party bus filled with 30 clients at this location, but it is a great stop after a night out in a stretch limo or sedan.

If you are interested in booking our Ventura Limo Service, please call us at (866) 319-LIMO! One of our specialists can help you plan a great night out!

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Want Reliability?

It may sound a bit simplistic to pick up a client and take them to their destination, in theory that is, in practice not so much. We at Blackhawk know that there
are so many factors at play that effect the execution of your transportation needs. When traveling into the LA area, one may not consider the delays brought on by traffic, construction, human error, flight delays, etc. These are only a few things that a Santa Barbara limousine & sedan service will take into consideration upon your booking. With the client onboard we have a new array of potential issues that may arise. Communication problems, the route taken, interaction between driver and client, etc.

Being a professional and highly rated services is not easily done. Many of the limo services in the LA and surrounding areas are not reliable. They don’t do proper maintenance on their cars, they over book, don’t screen their drivers, etc. They cut corners to maximize profits. Why? There are very tight margins, poor regulation, and plenty of willing customers looking for a deal.

Santa-Barbara-LimousineIt takes great effort to become a highly rated and reliable limousine service. A top quality fleet of limos, the proper customer service staff, and skilled drivers must be had. Fail-safes, quality control, and back up plans must be in place. No corners can be cut and should not be cut when clients are paying a premium price for a quality Santa Barbara limousine or Ventura limo service. If they want cheap, they would be calling Uber…

When done right your transportation should seam simple and flawless. It is scary that so many services fall short of expectation, but you can be assured that we will do our best to exceed your expectations. Blackhawk Transportation is the way to go! We offer daily transportation to birthdays, sedan service, proms, dates, outings, Santa Ynez wine tour, dinners, airport transfers and much more! Check us out on Yelp and book today!!

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