Award Winning Wine-Tours

Producing more wine than any other U.S. State, California is a common destination for wine tourists and wine-tasting venues. A great alternative to getting a designated driver for your wine-tour experience could be a reserving luxury transportation and be chauffeured in style to and from various wine-tasting venues. Although Northern California with its world-famous Napa- and Sonoma Valleys might be the first destination that comes to mind for many considering a wine-tour in California. But do you really have to leave the Los Angeles area? Some of the most unsoiled and scenic wine country is in fact found in Southern California. Besides great wine-tasting venues in the Malibu Canyons and Temecula Valley, the Santa Barbara region has become an emerging destination in recent times. At Blackhawk Limousine & Transportation we have offered customized, award-winning Santa Barbara wine tours for more than twenty years. The wineries and vineyards of Santa Barbara County offer a genuine wine-tour location, with far less tourists, traffic and crowds, compared to its counterparts in for example Northern California’s Napa Valley. For more information about our Santa Barbara wine tasting offers, keep reading and we will expand on a few of our best selling wine tours.

Firstly, no article on Santa Barbara wine tours is complete without a significant portion about the gorgeous Santa Ynez Valley. Located in the heart of Santa Barbara County, the Santa Ynez area has become one of the world’s most famous wine regions. The more than 2,200 acres of wine country found here is surrounded by oak trees, green hills and some of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the state. Maybe particularly after the movie Sideways was released in 2004, the interest in our Santa Ynez wine tours have exploded. Maybe mostly known for its great Pinot Noir, this particular valley has made more award-winning wines than any other place in Southern California. Fun small towns such as Los Olivos have a charming appeal with numerous wineries, boutiques and smaller cafes. The wineries here range from cozy wine tasting rooms in historic buildings to rather spacious buildings surrounded by green vineyards. And maybe best of all, taking a luxurious Santa Barbara limo tour through the wine country lets you sit back, relax, sample wine, all while taking in the beauty of the vineyards without worrying about driving. Having been the top rated Santa Barbara limo service now for more than twenty years, Blackhawk Limousine & Transportation is happy to provide a price-match-guarantee on all wine tours, so you can be sure you not only ride with the best service, but also for the lowest price available.

Besides our Santa Ynez wine tours, another popular Santa Barbara wine tasting destination is the Santa Maria Valley. These 7,500 acres of vineyards are among the oldest wine regions in the state. The region is maybe particularly known for its great Chardonnay and Pinot Noirs, but there are now more than twenty wine varietals grown in the valley, which makes it an easy task to find a great wine. The Santa Maria Valley, being rather larger and more spread out than the Santa Ynez Valley, offer tons of selections in all types of wineries and vineyards. Certain venues here – such as the Star Lane Winery, Pali Wine Company and Flying Goat Cellars – are located less than twenty minutes from the Santa Ynez Valley in the small town of Lompoc. These wine-tasting venues can therefore easily be visited on trip to Santa Ynez. Because of this region’s great selections and numerous choices for some amazing wine tasting, a great initial source could be visiting which may be helpful in picking what wine-tasting venues to visit. For more information about what venues to pick, our Santa Barbara limo reservation specialists will be able to advice and assist you in choosing your venues. To find your ideal destination you may want to think about the following. Would you prefer a wine-tasting room in walking distance from others? Or would you rather visit a winery surrounded by vineyards in a more remote location? Would you like it to be a dining option? Is a large selection of wine varietals important?

For whatever questions you may have, the reservation specialists at our Santa Barbara limo service will be able to help you out and accommodate your request for an amazing wine tour experience. Our luxury transportation agents are wine tour experts and will help you though the reservation of your limousine wine tour. Call us today at toll-free number (866) 319-LIMO to speak to one of our reservation specialists!

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Been To Tony’s Pizza?

Tony’s Pizzeria has been a downtown staple of Ventura for over 50 years! The modest “shack” sits on the corner at Figuerroa Street and Thompson Boulevard, right next to the fairgrounds. The position is a prime spot to catch paople as they come to and from the fairgrounds. This little spot has been a frequent stop for our Ventura Party Bus & Ventura Limo Service. Even our Santa Barbara limo drivers get asked all the time after a night out to swing by this little known spot for a slice of greasy heaven.

A whole pizza at Tony’s will set you back $11 and up. They have nine different toppings to choose from including all the “usuals” plus “anchovie”. They don’t offer bread sticks, salad, chicken, or any other items… They make PIZZA!

The owner, Barrios, passed away in 2013 is in his late eighties, but it still has the same exact feeling and history that he left behind. When you enter the 800-square foot pizzeria, you will see a wood framed photo of him next to the napkin dispensor and a autographed picture of Ronald Reagan. The black-and-white image is of Barios at age 20 in his uniform as a tech corporal. It was taken just months after he was injured in a land mine explosion in France, where three other soldiers were attempting to move a fatally wounded staff sargent that had tripped over a seperate land mine. Barios earned a Bronze Star and was always willing to share stories of his World War II experiences.

When Booking our Ventura limo service, Oxnard limo service, Camarillo limo service, or a Santa Barbara Limo, think about a quick stop by Tony’s! Now that his sons Johnny and Tony Jr. are routinely in the kitchen, carrying on the family traditon of making a great pizza-pie. If you blink when you drive by, you may miss it, but our drivers know right where it is! It may be hard to accomodate a Ventura party bus filled with 30 clients at this location, but it is a great stop after a night out in a stretch limo or sedan.

If you are interested in booking our Ventura Limo Service, please call us at (866) 319-LIMO! One of our specialists can help you plan a great night out!

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Blackhawk Limo | Oxnard Fun Anyone?

We at Ventura Limo Service have been providing Oxnard Limo Service for over 15 years. Many of our clients live in the community of Oxnard, and many visit the area, making is very knowledgeable of the fun activities in the Oxnard area and the attractions Oxnard has to offer. Our main goal here at Ventura Limousine Service is to keep our clients informed of area attractions and what is on the local calendar of events, so we can all remember to take some time off and learn to relax a bit more.

Oxnard is a casual seaside city where one can find a very active boating harbor, America’s largest Kosher winery, the Mullin Automotive Museum, and a historic downtown bursting with architectural treasures and multicultural flavors. Many of our clients spend their time in downtown where they can choose from an array of delicious Mexican cuisine and new restaurants are putting the area on the culinary map. Recently seen on Diners, Drive-In & Dives, The Kitchen has numerous brews and friendly conversations.

Limousine-Oxnard There is a collection of restored craftsman style homes with beautifully landscaped gardens near Heritage Square.

Find things to do waterfront at Channel Islands Harbor, maybe rent a electric boat or kayak and check out the inland waterways. Segway and rentals are also available. Book an excursion and head out sea and get some sports fishing in. Oxnard’s sandy, beautiful beaches are a perfect scene for suntanning, strolling and picnicking.

As the main hub for the Ventura County Wine Trail, Oxnard is has three outstanding wineries: Magnavino Cellars, Herzog Wine Cellars and Rancho Ventavo. Unique in its ambiance, the tour of wineries provides a enjoyable and relaxing wine tasting experience. We utilize these wineries as a stopping point for our Oxnard Limo Service & Ventura Limo Service when we are providing wine tours.

Oxnard-LimoFor car lovers, the Mullin Automotive Museum is magnificent. This art museum celebrates the Art Deco movement in motor design. See Bugattis, Delages, Voisins and other cars from the 1920s to 1940s. Very worth the trip! Our Ventura Limousine Service clients have had nothing but good things to say about this attraction.

Whatever you desires, be sure to let a Ventura Limo Service Specialist help you plan a fun day out. We do it all the time, so leave it to the experts. Our Ventura Limousine Service can help you plan the day you deserve! Call Us Today! (866) 319-LIMO

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Want Reliability?

It may sound a bit simplistic to pick up a client and take them to their destination, in theory that is, in practice not so much. We at Blackhawk know that there
are so many factors at play that effect the execution of your transportation needs. When traveling into the LA area, one may not consider the delays brought on by traffic, construction, human error, flight delays, etc. These are only a few things that a Santa Barbara limousine & sedan service will take into consideration upon your booking. With the client onboard we have a new array of potential issues that may arise. Communication problems, the route taken, interaction between driver and client, etc.

Being a professional and highly rated services is not easily done. Many of the limo services in the LA and surrounding areas are not reliable. They don’t do proper maintenance on their cars, they over book, don’t screen their drivers, etc. They cut corners to maximize profits. Why? There are very tight margins, poor regulation, and plenty of willing customers looking for a deal.

Santa-Barbara-LimousineIt takes great effort to become a highly rated and reliable limousine service. A top quality fleet of limos, the proper customer service staff, and skilled drivers must be had. Fail-safes, quality control, and back up plans must be in place. No corners can be cut and should not be cut when clients are paying a premium price for a quality Santa Barbara limousine or Ventura limo service. If they want cheap, they would be calling Uber…

When done right your transportation should seam simple and flawless. It is scary that so many services fall short of expectation, but you can be assured that we will do our best to exceed your expectations. Blackhawk Transportation is the way to go! We offer daily transportation to birthdays, sedan service, proms, dates, outings, Santa Ynez wine tour, dinners, airport transfers and much more! Check us out on Yelp and book today!!

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Blackhawk Limo | Tips For Hiring A Limousine Service

Getting the best limousine service for your budget is something that all individuals want, particularly when they are planning a special event. We at Santa Barbara Limousine service find that our clients that wish to take advantage of our Santa Barbara Limo Service or Santa Barbara Party Bus service are not just doing it for a ride in a limo or party bus; they want to make the event one to remember and enjoy the time with their friends and family. Our clients hire us for many reasons, whether it be proms or weddings, birthdays, or any type of events that they want to remember and feel special. Unfortunately, not all Santa Barbara Limo services can pull it off like we do, there are plenty of services available, but not all offer the concierge touch that we are known for.
We always recommend that our clients research the local limousine services before they commit to booking one. They must ensure that they’re getting a quality service. We would like to mention some factors that customers can look for when making a decision on the best service to use and making sure they are getting their moneys worth.
One factor is the cost! It is very important that you do your research into any service that provides discount rates, especially if the rate appears too good to be true. Also, cheap can be very costly when the cheaper service has older vehicles that don’t meet the expectations of your event. Verify whether the company has the proper insurance and check to see if its license is current. There are so many makes and models of limousines out there, and they vary in price. Newer models may cost more, so please understand that you actually do get what you pay for…
Customers must also do a little research on the drivers within the service. Many experiences can usually be read in customer reviews. You can request a driver that has been mentioned several times in a positive light, to help ensure your event has a experienced driver. Santa Barbara Limousine Service understands how important a good driver is. We have an in-house training program, do background checks, and drug testing. Most of our drivers have been with us over 5 years and several over 10. A driver is responsible for the lives on board so it is crucial that limo services have licensed and well experienced drivers.
Safety is a concern! A limousine fleet can be very costly to maintain. Companies that aren’t as popular or used less frequent may fail to properly maintain their fleet. It would be a costly mistake to choose one of these companies based on a cheap fare, only to find that your event gets ruined by a break down. Make sure when you are booking that you inquire about the age of the fleet and how large of fleet a company has. You want to know that they have back-up just in case a breakdown does occur.
Hiring a Santa Barbara Limousine Service for your special event can be very simple, but just make sure you research the company behind your service. We stand behind our Santa Barbara Limo and Santa Barbara Party Bus Service. We pride ourselves on the customer service that we provide and the great reviews we receive. With our great reviews and our Price Match Guarantee, we have found great success in the limousine transportation market. Give us a call today! (866) 319-LIMO
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Blackhawk Limo | Santa Barbara Luxury Transportation

If you have been contemplating using a Santa Barbara limo service, you should consider our award-winning services. We have been around since 1997 and provide top-notch luxury vehicle transportation. We provide luxurious transportation for business or pleasure. We service all area airports and hotels everyday, and many of our business clients book our services for their recreational plans as well. There are so many reasons to consider our car service if you are planning going out or our party bus rentals for you big group events.

We know the city & it’s venues!

santa-barbara-limoOur drivers are very well trained and knowledgable as well as courteous and professional. They all know the area quite well and can get you to your venue on time. Our drivers know the area and are not dependent on GPS, so not only the direct routes, but can also find alternate ways to get there when traffic becomes an issue. We make it easy for you to find your location on time and no need to find parking once you get there. No mile-long hikes from the parking garage to the venue door! Our drivers will drop you off at the door and even open it for you! We drive, so no stress for you!

santa-barbara-car-serviceInstead of worrying about being on time or traffic, we give you the extra time to enjoy your company and friends. You can sit back, relax, and enjoy the luxury ride instead of watching for problems along the road. This allows you to get the maximum enjoyment during your time out with no stress of traffic or directions when you attend an event. With one of our professional drivers picking you up, you can avoid some of the hassles that come large crowds. Wine country is fun! Come with us on experience the vineyards for yourself on our exclusive Santa Ynez wine tour options!

We are in the gorgeous wine country all the time. Let a Santa Barbara limo take your party there! Unlike other services, our SB and limousine Montecito services can tailor your visit to the schedule you want to keep and the venues you want to visit. We take you on a private Santa Ynez wine tour so there is no worry about you driving. Enjoy your wines, friends, and your family. Leave the headaches to us! If you have a large group we can accommodate them in a party bus.

If you have been looking for a car service in the area, our Santa Barbara limo service has
everything you need! Check Us Out On Yelp & call us today

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Things You Didn’t Know About Santa Barbara

Blackhawk Transportation is a proud provider of Santa Barbara limo & Ventura limousine transportation. We take great pride in the areas we service and love the local history. Long before the days of luxurious vehicle rental and partying it up on State Street, the Chumash Indians settled the area. By the time the Spanish showed up they were settled up and down the coast and on the Channel Islands. They had over one hundred and fifty villages and a total population of about 18,000. They all spoke very different but related dialects. Today we love to travel in a party bus or stretch, but back 2000 years ago the favorite mode of transportation was the plank canoe (tomol). The Chumash were known for their amazing basketry, beautiful cave paintings, and money made from the local shells.

The Mission Period
The Mission was settled in the 1780’s. It began a time of colonization along with the Christianization of the natives. The Spanish ruled the local area until 1822, when it became a Mexican territory. In 1846 Colonel John Fremont took the area for the U.S.

The Rancho Period
From 1830-1865 Ranching & Agriculture became strong. Cattle Ranches, horses, and community were the focal in the region. Under Mexican & American rule, the local lifestyle was effected very little by government.

The Victorian Period
The city began to change after the Civil War. Victorian homes soon became abundant and outnumbered Spanish Colonials. Goods from the East began to flow into the local port and agriculture began to dominate as the locals realized that anything grows well in the region.

The Earthquake
In 1925 it was devastated by a earthquake. Many of the Victorians burned down, yet the Spanish Colonials remained, so the locals became more interested in the indigenous building techniques. An ordinance was passed that downtown would be Spanish Colonial Style.

The Boom Period
From the time of the earthquake forward, the city exploded into a busy and well known travel destination.

Interesting facts:
You couldn’t travel here along the coast until the Rincon part of 101 was completed in the 1930’s.
The Japanese fired 16 rounds on the area’s coastline during WWII. They only damaged a small shed and caused no injury to people.
Even to this day the city’s waterworks still uses Portions of the Mission’s aqueduct system.
Santa Barbara was considered “Hollywood to the North”, as so many movies were filmed in the area.
Today, our city has a diverse culture and rich history. We here at Blackhawk have only been part of that culture for the past 15 years, but take great pride in our community. We enjoy being a part of this community, and we are proud of our top rated Santa Ynez wine tour options. If you are in need of a Santa Barbara limo or maybe a party bus or stretched, we have a 5 star rated service with a price match guarantee. We can’t be beat! Give us a try!

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