3 Limo Secrets To Malibu | Hidden Places

Malibu, CA or Surf City USA. Chances are you may know it by its original name: Humaliwo. Or perhaps as The Bu? A beloved place sure has many names. A consequence of doing constant runs up and down PCH, is the pile of information and knowledge we gather. Not only do clients bring us to the most epic restaurants, trending nightclubs and gorgeous vineyards, but clientele has taken us to truly unique and off-beaten-path destinations.

Let us introduce three extraordinary sites in or near town. You might have heard of a few, but we are convinced you have not seen them all.

3) Secret Public Beaches
Limousines are regularly used to a variety of beaches. However, customers have led us to some pretty amazing hidden pearls. Take Escondido as an example; who would have guessed this gem could be found immediately beneath Geoffrey’s? Treasures Lechuza and Latigo are additional examples.

2) Wave-Front Camping
Want to sleep outdoors in the sand, just in-front of the waves? Thornhill Broome State Park is an idyllic campground we discovered during a family limousine outing.

1) Wine-Tasting With Beach-Access
Malibu limos are daily visiting local wineries. Rosenthal, which overlooks the sea, is a popular winery with its own trail leading out onto the beach.

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