Been To Tony’s Pizza?

Tony’s Pizzeria has been a downtown staple of Ventura for over 50 years! The modest “shack” sits on the corner at Figuerroa Street and Thompson Boulevard, right next to the fairgrounds. The position is a prime spot to catch paople as they come to and from the fairgrounds. This little spot has been a frequent stop for our Ventura Party Bus & Ventura Limo Service. Even our Santa Barbara limo drivers get asked all the time after a night out to swing by this little known spot for a slice of greasy heaven.

A whole pizza at Tony’s will set you back $11 and up. They have nine different toppings to choose from including all the “usuals” plus “anchovie”. They don’t offer bread sticks, salad, chicken, or any other items… They make PIZZA!

The owner, Barrios, passed away in 2013 is in his late eighties, but it still has the same exact feeling and history that he left behind. When you enter the 800-square foot pizzeria, you will see a wood framed photo of him next to the napkin dispensor and a autographed picture of Ronald Reagan. The black-and-white image is of Barios at age 20 in his uniform as a tech corporal. It was taken just months after he was injured in a land mine explosion in France, where three other soldiers were attempting to move a fatally wounded staff sargent that had tripped over a seperate land mine. Barios earned a Bronze Star and was always willing to share stories of his World War II experiences.

When Booking our Ventura limo service, Oxnard limo service, Camarillo limo service, or a Santa Barbara Limo, think about a quick stop by Tony’s! Now that his sons Johnny and Tony Jr. are routinely in the kitchen, carrying on the family traditon of making a great pizza-pie. If you blink when you drive by, you may miss it, but our drivers know right where it is! It may be hard to accomodate a Ventura party bus filled with 30 clients at this location, but it is a great stop after a night out in a stretch limo or sedan.

If you are interested in booking our Ventura Limo Service, please call us at (866) 319-LIMO! One of our specialists can help you plan a great night out!

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