Want Reliability?

limo-service-santa-barbara-limoIt may sound a bit simplistic to pick up a client and take them to their destination, in theory that is, in practice not so much.  We at Blackhawk know that there
are so many factors at play that effect the execution of your transportation needs.  When traveling into the LA area, one may not consider the delays brought on by traffic, construction, human error, flight delays, etc.  These are only a few things that a Santa Barbara limousine & sedan service will take into consideration upon your booking.  With the client onboard we have a new array of potential issues that may arise. Communication problems, the route taken, interaction between driver and client, etc.

Being a professional and highly rated services is not easily done.  Many of the limo services in the LA and surrounding areas are not reliable.  They don’t do proper maintenance on their cars, they over book, don’t screen their drivers, etc.  They cut corners to maximize profits. Why? There are very tight margins, poor regulation, and plenty of willing customers looking for a deal.

Santa-Barbara-LimousineIt takes great effort to become a highly rated and reliable limousine service.  A top quality fleet of limos, the proper customer service staff, and skilled drivers must be had.  Fail-safes, quality control, and back up plans must be in place.  No corners can be cut and should not be cut when clients are paying a premium price for a quality Santa Barbara limousine or Ventura limo service.  If they want cheap, they would be calling Uber…

When done right your transportation should seam simple and flawless. It is scary that so many services fall short of expectation, but you can be assured that we will do our best to exceed your expectations.  Blackhawk Transportation is the way to go! We offer daily transportation to birthdays, sedan service, proms, dates, outings, Santa Ynez wine tour, dinners, airport transfers and much more! Check us out on Yelp and book today!!


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