Things You Didn’t Know About Santa Barbara

Blackhawk Transportation is a proud provider of Santa Barbara limo & Ventura limousine transportation. We take great pride in the areas we service and love the local history. Long before the days of luxurious vehicle rental and partying it up on State Street, the Chumash Indians settled the area. By the time the Spanish showed up they were settled up and down the coast and on the Channel Islands. They had over one hundred and fifty villages and a total population of about 18,000. They all spoke very different but related dialects. Today we love to travel in a party bus or stretch, but back 2000 years ago the favorite mode of transportation was the plank canoe (tomol). The Chumash were known for their amazing basketry, beautiful cave paintings, and money made from the local shells.

The Mission Period
The Mission was settled in the 1780’s. It began a time of colonization along with the Christianization of the natives. The Spanish ruled the local area until 1822, when it became a Mexican territory. In 1846 Colonel John Fremont took the area for the U.S.

The Rancho Period
From 1830-1865 Ranching & Agriculture became strong. Cattle Ranches, horses, and community were the focal in the region. Under Mexican & American rule, the local lifestyle was effected very little by government.

The Victorian Period
The city began to change after the Civil War. Victorian homes soon became abundant and outnumbered Spanish Colonials. Goods from the East began to flow into the local port and agriculture began to dominate as the locals realized that anything grows well in the region.

The Earthquake
In 1925 it was devastated by a earthquake. Many of the Victorians burned down, yet the Spanish Colonials remained, so the locals became more interested in the indigenous building techniques. An ordinance was passed that downtown would be Spanish Colonial Style.

The Boom Period
From the time of the earthquake forward, the city exploded into a busy and well known travel destination.

Interesting facts:
You couldn’t travel here along the coast until the Rincon part of 101 was completed in the 1930’s.
The Japanese fired 16 rounds on the area’s coastline during WWII. They only damaged a small shed and caused no injury to people.
Even to this day the city’s waterworks still uses Portions of the Mission’s aqueduct system.
Santa Barbara was considered “Hollywood to the North”, as so many movies were filmed in the area.
Today, our city has a diverse culture and rich history. We here at Blackhawk have only been part of that culture for the past 15 years, but take great pride in our community. We enjoy being a part of this community, and we are proud of our top rated Santa Ynez wine tour options. If you are in need of a Santa Barbara limo or maybe a party bus or stretched, we have a 5 star rated service with a price match guarantee. We can’t be beat! Give us a try!

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